The New Are Us

Staying ignorant is not an option in our modern world. Staying in touch with the latest events that take place in various places on the globe is a priority for most of us. We have this need of knowing what’s going on in the world, so that we can express our opinions on everything and discuss them with others. You can’t afford to stay ignorant and remain outside this circle of interest.

The way our entire society operates is based on news. By finding out what happens in the world, people can adhere to various beliefs and values, thus creating powerful communities that can influence the course of events. We can be happy together when hearing about positive events or we can contribute to helping people affected by natural disasters in places we have never visited. The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami is perhaps the best example supporting this statement. Millions of people from all over the world donated some of their money or other assets in order to support those people left homeless after the tragedy.

Such events reveal the immense power of the news. If we didn’t have these bits and pieces of information, we would find it very hard to believe, for instance, that Barack Obama has become the president of the USA. We would have never known that millions of people were left homeless by the terrifying tsunami, so we could have never sent those aids to help them survive the tragedy and rebuild their houses. Humanitarian work is possible only because of news and because of modern technology which enables the very fast spreading of information.


We’ve hit a road block lately when it comes to content discovery. Recently, Fineman PR, a public relations firm, wrote a piece about using Reddit for helping to find relevant topics etc that we found very helpful. Going forward, we will apply ourselves to this for topic discovery and start pumping out more content!