Russian Space Probe debris falls in ocean

Dubbed by one expert as the “most toxic falling satellite ever,” Russian space probe, has arrived eventually back to Planet Earth.

The spacecraft that was en route to visit the Martian moon Phobos to retrieve and deliver soial samples back to Earth has returned and has landed off the Chilean in the Pacific Ocean.

News agencies in have reported that debris from the probe hit Earth at around 12:45pm EST on Sunday. Reports also indicate that the debris first appeared roughly 775 miles west of the coastal island of Wellington.

If the launch of were successful it would have been ’s first successful mission in over two decades at a cost of $165 million.

After a botched launched on November 9th 2011 however, it stopped responding to commands. It also became stuck in orbit and slowly began losing altitude due to gravity’s pull.

Its return to Earth couldn’t be given an exact time or location due to constant changes in the upper atmosphere.


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