Exclusive Update: Davy Jones death

We reported earlier today that Monkee’s frontman, , had died, unexpectedly.

We can now reveal the cause and circumstance of this tragic loss to the music industry.

We spoke earlier with a close friend of the 1960′s rock group lead singer who confirmed that the singer had passed away in his sleep, from a heart attack.

Our source had been a close friend of the superstar for many years, and revealed how Jones had led a healthy, non addictive lifestyle as an anti smoker, and only an occassional drinker.

The source commented:  “Davy wasnt a regular drinker, but occasionally, like all of us, he liked a drink.  He never smoked or partook in anything that went against his clean image”.

When asked how he had heard the news he said:  “I had a message on (social networking site) Facebook from Davy’s ex-girlfriend telling me the news, I was at work and couldn’t believe it, but the next news round on the radio confirmed the news”.

Davy will always be remembered as the fun-loving Monkee who won a place on the Great British wall of fame, and our source reminisced  happy times, commenting:  “I can remember being out with him on one of the rare occasions he drank.  We had been in an Irish bar, drinking tequila and Guinness, and when I enquired as to how he would get home, he answered  ‘It’s OK, I have got my horse outside’ which just about summed up Davy!”

will be greatly missed, but will forever hold a stamp on the British music industry.

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