‘The Voice UK’ Blind Auditions – Week 2

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Tonight saw the return of with its second episode of the series. Last week’s launch episode did spectacularly well receiving an average of 8.43 million viewers. We also saw some amazing performances from the likes of Jessica Hammond, who did a rendition of ’s Price Tag, resulting in all four coaches turning around. YouTube singer, Ben Kelly not only had all four coaches turn around for him, but he also received a standing ovation from all four coaches. After last week’s show, Jessie and Tom have the most artists on their teams with 3 each, with Will and Danny having just 1 each. A full recap from last week’s show can be seen here. So, moving swiftly on to this week…

How Does It Work?

This week works exactly the same as last week as we’re still in the Blind Audition stage of the process. All four coaches have their back to the contestants, and must judge them on vocal ability alone. If the coaches like what they hear and believe they could do them justice, they will press their button and their chair will turn around to face the contestant. Once a judge turns around and faces the contestant, that contestant will then be on their team. However, if more than one judge turns around, the contestant will then have to make the final decision on who’s team they want to be on.

Blind Auditions – Week 2

I wonder if the first contestant can live up to the same expectations as our first one did last week? We’ll see… first up this week is Heshima Thompson, 25,  who has a lot of experience, from acting to singing. He’s been in the likes of Eastenders and Holby City. Both Will and Danny turned around within a couple of seconds. After bursting into the beat of the middle of the song, both Tom and Jessie turned around, therefore living up to the same expectations as last week’s contestant, Jessica. He also received a standing ovation from all four judges.. an explosive star to the show. Danny said in the first few seconds he knew Heshima had something and that’s why he turned around straight away. The other three judges also echoed what Danny said saying he has the whole package, but there’s a few things he needs to work on. In the end, when it came down to it, he chose to be on Will’s time!!

Next up is Barbara  Bryceland singing a rendition of Wild Horses, who said she is going to give the kids a run for their money. She said The Voice is important to her as at her age, she feels she’s invisible. After taking time to hear to Barbara’s powerful voice, Sir Tom hit his button and turned around, with the other judges saying she was more of his type of artist. Will says he didn’t turn around as he knew that her and Tom would work well together. Tom added that he thinks she’s a great singer and she has a wonderful voice. As Tom was the only coach to turn around, she automatically got a spot on Team Tom. Next up in the successful line is 23-year-old David Julien from Leigh, who chose to sing The Script’s The Man Who Can’t Be Moved - both Will and Tom turned around very quickly. Will says he pushed his button as he has a good voice and he also has room to grow. Formulating his argument, Will states that he also quit his job to join the Black Eyed Peas and therefore, go to Team Will! However, in the end David chose to be on Team Danny!

Next up is West End star Kerry Ellis singing Son of a Preacher Man - Kerry has starred in the likes of Les Miserables, We Will Rock You, Wicked and Oliver. Unfortunately, none of the coaches turned around for Kerry, giving us our first casualty of the night. Danny says he was looking for a certain type of girl singer, Tom adds that she has already made it in her career.

Our next contestant hoping to jump on the train of success is Vince Kidd doing a very original rendition of Like A Virgin. Danny once again turns around straight away with Jessie turning around not long after, followed by Will and finally, curiosity took over Sir Tom as he hit his red button. Danny adds that it was a very good change up of the song and would love for him to be on his team. Will adds that he “flipped the hell” out of the song and switched it up and wants Vince to join his squad. Tom says he thought there was two people.. now, crunch time! He chooses to be on Team Jessie!! This takes Jessie’s number up to 4. Hoping to follow in the same footsteps is Shansel Huseyin switching it up to what he have already heard, giving us a classical number. Unfortunately, none of the coaches turned around. Jessie said she did not turn around as she thought she was a lot older than 17 and would have been intimidated. Will said he’s kicking himself, as something told him to turn around, an opportunity to reinvent radio.

Now, our next contestant is Vince Freeman, doing an acoustic rendition of Sex On Fire - Danny was the only coach to turn around and Vince is therefore on Team Danny.Next up is 17-year-old Lifeguard Aleks Josh, in which Will turned around immediately as Aleks opened his mouth, followed by Danny. When Jessie found out that he was a lifeguard, she said she always tried to pretend to drown when she was younger so a nice guy would save her! Will said he immediately heard his talent and didn’t want to waste a second before turning around. Jessie says she did not turn around as there were a few tuning issues. In the end, a nervous Aleks chose to be on Team Danny, adding yet another act to his growing list!! Eighteen year old Frances Woods is our next contestant wanting to follow in the same successful footsteps, signing Black Eyed Peas, Where Is The Love and just in the last few seconds, Will turned around!! Danny said he was close to turning around, but he knew she wanted Will when she said “Come on Will”. Will said he turned around as she has a great voice and really wants to work on her with her rapping.

Our next act is the first duo in the competition, Matt and Sueleen. turned around and with about 2 seconds to spare, Jessie turned around. She said she loved how their voices blended, and Tom said they were great. After a quick coin toss, the coin decided they would be on Team Tom! This takes Tom halfway to his limit of 10 contestants. Our next contestant is 16-year-old Holly Cosgrove, however, none of the judges turned around. Jessie says she did not turn around as she did not hear enough control or diction, with Tom adding he was 90% there, but he wasn’t impressed enough to turn around. Will added that not every singer is supposed to sing like Aretha Franklin, however, she needs to put the same attention on her voice as she does on her sense of style.

Our next artist wants a second shot at fame, back in the 80′s Deniece Pearson was in a band called Five Star. Denise chose to sing Christina Aguilera’s Fighter. took the chance and pressed his red button at the end of the song. This takes Tom’s total up to 6 already! Tom said he is looking forward to having her on his team. Jessie adds “six bomb” sounds like “sex bomb”.

Our final contestant of the second show is Welsh construction worker, David Faulkner, doing his own version of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, bringing all four judges to turn around very quickly. Danny says that David was incredible, and he heard right away he has what it takes to go all the way in the competition. Tom adds in his plea that the Welsh must stick together and that he is what The Voice is about! Will says that David has a spectacular voice and would love to have him on his team. Jessie finally adds that she chose to do the show because of people like him and if he chooses her team, she’s going to work hard with him! After much deliberation, David chose to become a part of Team Jessie!

The Teams

Note: Bold names denote the contestants through from this week.

Team Jessie

Jessica Hammond
Toni Warne
Ben Kelly
Vince Kidd
David Faulkner

Team Will

J Marie Cooper
Heshima Thompson
Frances Woods

Team Danny

Max Milner
David Julien
Vince Freeman
Aleks Josh

Team Tom

Adam Isaac
Sam Buttery
Aundrea Nyle
Barbara Bryceland
Matt and Sueleen
Deniece Pearson

continues next Saturday, 7th April at 7PM on BBC One/HD

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