‘The Voice UK’ Blind Auditions – Week 3

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Tonight saw the return of for its third episode and the penultimate episode of the blind auditions rounds.  Last week we saw some more amazing auditions with the judges adding more of them to their teams. This week, we can expect more of the same. On this Easter weekend, we’re only destined for some egg-stra amazing talent!! LET’S GO! On to the penultimate episode…

How Does It Work?

This week works exactly the same as it has done for the past 2 weeks as we’re still in the Blind Audition stage of the process. All four coaches have their back to the contestants, and must judge them on vocal ability alone. If the coaches like what they hear and believe they could do them justice, they will press their button and their chair will turn around to face the contestant. Once a judge turns around and faces the contestant, that contestant will then be on their team. However, if more than one judge turns around, the contestant will then have to make the final decision on who’s team they want to be on.

Blind Auditions – Week 2

Our first contestant to kick off the penultimate Blind Auditions show is Joelle Moses, who sang Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. Will and Danny immediately turned around after hearing the singer’s voice with following thereafter and finally, Jessie turned around. Jessie ran up on stage to give Jeolle a hug and told her she was amazing! Danny says that he thinks they could both have a good chemistry together and he’d give his left arm up to have a singer like her on his team. Jessie adds that she has a type of voice she wants to write a song for – and she’s very picky about writing songs for other people. Will says he knows how to work with good singers and produce with them, with Tom finally adding that he can’t compete with the other judges, but he knows she has a good voice. In the end, Joelle surprisingly chose Will.i.am, adding another artist to Team Will. Fact: Joelle has also sang backing vocals for none other than Rihanna!

Next up is Jay Norton from Liverpool. Jay chose to sing Aloe Blacc’s I need a Dollar, Will spun around as soon as he heard Jay’s voice, but Jessie said she had already had three boys on her team. also chose to turn around in the last second. Tom said he needs a man with strong voice for his team, and Jay is it as far as he’s concerned. Will said he turned around right away as he heard the talent, and Jay is the talent that he wants. In the end, Jay chose to go with Team Will.

Our next contestant, Allyson Brown, has already had a taste of fame, after she the unsigned Mobo award back in the 90′s. She adds that it’s all about this moment, it doesn’t matter what she has done previously, this is what matters. Allyson chose to sing Jocelyn Brown’s Somebody Else’s Guy! Jessie said she wasn’t sure whether it was the song or her voice that she liked and therefore, none of the judges turned around! told her that she had a great voice and Danny added that he was telling Jessie to turn around. Will said he didn’t turn around as he was wishing Jessie would turn around as she has so much knowledge on perfecting Allyson’s voice. Jessie regrets that she did not press her button. However, Allyson is going home empty-handed.

Hoping she won’t follow in the same footsteps is Leanne Mitchell, 28, who works at a Holiday Park. She states her dream has always been to become a singer. Leanne chose to sing Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy, with both Danny and Tom simultaneously turning around. After both Tom and Danny agreed she had a good voice, Leanne chose to go with Team Tom!

Our next singer is Cassius Henry, who has starred on Top of the Pops previously. Cassius chose to sing a slowed down version of  Closer by Ne-Yo. After much deliberation Jessie turned around and Danny very quickly followed suit. Jessie said that even though Danny is experienced, she has been around for 7 years! In the end Cassius chose to go with Jessie, giving us the first Team Jessie contestant of the evening.

Denise Morgan also featured who ended up on Team Tom and Murray Hockridge who ended up on Team Danny.

Our next contestant is Hannah Berney singing GaGa’s You and I. After deliberating, Danny turned around followed by Sir Tom! Tom says she sounded great and she also looks great. Danny adds that he can see in her face that this means a lot to her, and he could also hear in her voice, that’s why he turned around. He’d be honoured to have her on his team. Based on the type of songs she sings and the voice she wants to get out along with the impression she wants to make, she chose to be on Team Danny!

Next up is from Chris Grixti Manchester, he says he wants to succeed on the show as it’s a door to the future and it’s now or never. He did a cover of Cee Lo’s Forget You. However, none of the coaches chose to turn around.

Bill Downs is our next contestant, who’s already in a band, however, today he is auditioning solo. Bill chose to sing Plan B’s She Said. After hearing his soulful voice, Danny turned around. As Danny was the only coach to turn around, Bill automatically got to be on Team Danny. Following in the same footsteps is Kate Reade. After hearing her powerful rendition of True Colours, both Will and Tom turned around. Will said she her mum must be proud of her, as she was singing the song for her mum. Tom adds she has a fresh voice and wants her on his team. In the end, Kate chose to be on Team Will. We also saw Kirsten Joy and Ruth Ann who both chose to be on Team Jessie

Next up is mum of twins Alys Williams, who sang Adele’s Someone Like You. However, after a slight dip in the lyrics, none of the coaches chose to turn around.

Nathan James is our next contestant and despite his dress, he’s not always been a rocker, he used to be a choir boy. After his rendition of  Aerosimith’s Livin’ On A Prayer, none of the coaches chose to turn around. Danny said he has great range, and Jessie said it was tough as he has a great range.

Our penultimate contestant of the penultimate episode of auditions  is Tyler James who was good friends with Amy Winehouse when they were teenagers and were best friends ever since then and this is about him building a life for himself. He chose to sing a rendition of Dock of the Bay and Will chose to turn around. Will being the only coach to turn around it meant that Tyler was automatically on Team Will. Jessie said she really enjoyed his performance.

And our final contestant this week is Bo Bruce. She says all her life people have made assumptions about her as she went to a posh school and she feels that people judge her because of her background. Bo chose to sing David Guetta/Usher’s Without You. Danny initially turned around, however, within the last second Will turned around. Will said she is refreshing as she put her own spin on the song, and Jessie added she would have loved to hear her voice acoustically. Danny said that he wasn’t looking for anything else but her voice. After much battling between Danny and Will, Bo chose to go with Team Danny!

Note: Bold Names denote the contestants through this week.

Team Jessie

Jessica Hammond
Toni Warne
Ben Kelly
Vince Kidd
David Faulkner
Cassius Henry
Kirsten Joy
Ruth Ann

Team Will

J Marie Cooper
Heshima Thompson
Frances Woods
Joelle Moses
Jay Norton
Kate Reade
Tyler James

Team Danny

Max Milner
David Julien
Vince Freeman
Aleks Josh
Murray Hockridge
Hannah Berney
Bill Downs
Bo Bruce

Team Tom

Adam Isaac
Sam Buttery
Aundrea Nyle
Barbara Bryceland
Matt and Sueleen
Deniece Pearson
Leanne Mitchell
Denise Morgan

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