‘The Voice UK’ Blind Auditions – Week 4

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Tonight sees the return of The Voice UK‘s blind audition stages, for the final time this season. The coaches set out to find their teams of 10, Tom Jones has 2 more to find tonight, Jessie J also has two spots left to fill – she wants someone who gives her goosebumps, Danny O’Donoghue has 2, however, Will.i.am is 3 artists short of his final 10. As the search for their final 10 concludes, the competition is fiercer than ever!! An artist only has 90 seconds to change their life. Tonight for the final time the coaches have their back to the stage.. it’s time to raise the bar!

How Does It Work?

This week works exactly the same as it has done for the past 3 weeks as we’re still in the Blind Audition stage of the process. All four coaches have their back to the contestants, and must judge them on vocal ability alone. If the coaches like what they hear and believe they could do them justice, they will press their button and their chair will turn around to face the contestant. Once a judge turns around and faces the contestant, that contestant will then be on their team. However, if more than one judge turns around, the contestant will then have to make the final decision on who’s team they want to be on.

Blind Auditions – Week 4

Our first contestant of the night is Emmy J Mac, a children’s entertainer and writer! She says she doesn’t have the biggest voice, but she hopes the coaches will hear she has something different. Emmy chose to sing Corinne Bailey Rae‘s Put Your Records On. Will.i.am chose to turn around toward the end of the song, immediately followed by Danny O’Donoghue followed by Tom. However, our tough coach, Jessie J, did not choose to turn around. Will said parts were pitchy, but who cares? She has a beautiful voice, he adds. Tom goes on to add he listens to the tone and she has a beautiful tone, he knows when he hears a voice that has that something and he wants to pass his experience on to her. Danny says he wants someone who has that signature voice and you immediately know who it is when you turn the radio on. Emmy now has the tough decision on which coach to go with, after much deliberation, and a Cilla Black voice over, Emmy chose to go with Team Danny! One down, one more to go for Danny!

Jenny Jones is our next contestant, 25, who started in nightclubs and has toured with Basshunter, but, she fell ill with meningitis soon after coming back, and now works in a pub. She says she is ready now, this is the first time she’s getting back onto the stage. She chose to sing Duffy‘s Mercy! After a lot of deliberation and back and forth decisions from Danny, Will chose to turn around, soon followed by Danny! Will says he pressed his button last-minute because he knew someone would follow him after, so he did it last-minute to try and prevent that. Jessie said she really liked it, but she said Jenny needs work on her diction. After asking both Danny and Will what they could do for her, and listening to the feedback, Jenny chose to be on Team Will! 1 down, 2 to go for Will!

Sophie Griffin is next up, from Northern Ireland who is a massive Danny fan! Sophie chose to sing Estelle‘s American Boy – a record which Will.i.am produced! Within the last second of the song, will used his tactics and pressed his button! Danny asked what music she loved and she replied “I Love You!”. Danny said unfortunately, she isn’t the type of singer he’s looking for. Will said he liked that he produced that song, so he knows it, and he’s glad that she didn’t sing it like Estelle, she did her own spin on things. As Will was the only person to turn around, she is immediately on Team Will. That’s one more down for Team Will, just 1 to go!

Ben Lake is our next auditionee, 33 from London. He admits it’s a very hard business the music industry, and he’s pinning all his hopes on this competition. He hopes the judges can see he has studied his craft. He chose to sing, I Who Have Nothing, in which Tom Jones did a version of! Unfortunately, none of the coaches turned around – yet another professional not to make it through! Jessie J said she loved his voice, but it’s not something she can bring to the table as a pop singer – she wouldn’t have been the right coach for him.

Here are our next artists, Indie & Pixie, who live together, sing together, do everything together, apparently! The girls say they feel like Jessie J would understand them as artists. Indie & Pixie chose Pink‘s Perfect. An inquisitive Jessie chose to turn around as she couldn’t wait to see the artists, followed by the rest of the coaches… all four coaches turned around! Will.i.am said straight away he thought it was “cool and dope” then he heard the second voice and he was “like that’s double dope” .. and then he turned around to see what was going on and he was “like..that’s dope”. Jessie J said she’s excited to work with them. In the end, the girls chose to go with Team Jessie. One down for Jessie, one more act to go!!

This means, the places are running out, next up is 41-year-old Lindsey Butler. She says she has always lacked confidence in how she looks. Lindsey chose to sing Rod Stewart‘s I Don’t Wanna Talk About It. Tom Jones turned around out of all four of the judges, and she received a standing ovation from the crowd! As Tom was the only person to turn around, she is therefore on Team Tom. One down for Tom one place to go.

There’s only one more place on each of the coaches teams!

17-year-old, Harriet Whitehead is up next! She likes very different music to her friends, folk music! Harriet chose to sing What’s Up. However, after Danny O’Donoghue protesting he’d already got a singer like her on his team, he didn’t turn around, nor did any of the other coaches. As none of the coaches turned around, Harriet is going home, unfortunately.

John James Newman is up next – his father is in a band and his brother is an actor, currently in Waterloo Road. He says his family is very entertainment based, they’re a very close family. Feeling the nerves, John heads onto the stage. John takes on a mix of Pack up and Don’t Worry, Be Happy! After deliberating with himself, over having just one spot left, Danny turned around, immediately followed by Tom Jones. John chooses to be on Team Danny, meaning, Danny has all 10 of his artists and Team Danny is complete!

19-year-old Ruth Brown, a choir singer from London is up next! She says she is a quiet person, but when she sings a whole new person comes out. Ruth chooses to do a cover Kelly Rowland‘s When Love Takes Over. With a massive last note, Tom turns around, he says the last note really did it for him. As Tom was the only person to turn around, she is immediately on Team Tom, completing Tom’s 10 contestants!!

As Jessie and Will prepare to do battle, 17-year-old Becky Hill, a college student from London is preparing to go on stage. Singing Ordinary People by John Legend, Will and Jessie simultaneously turn around just as she begins singing. Jessie says she wants her on her team! Will says the song is special to him, as he wrote it. He says that it’s amazing she was singing a song, about his life, which is a piece of his life, and she sang it the way she wanted to do it! After much deliberation, Becky chose to go with Jessie J, completing the 10 contestants on Team Jessie.

21 year old Chloe Blackwell is up next, but, is she the person to make Will hit his button? She chose to sing This Love by Maroon 5. Unfortunately, Will didn’t turn around, meaning Chloe is going home. Will says he felt there was nothing wrong with her voice, but, he didn’t hit his button because he is 1 away from rounding off his full team. His gut was telling him to wait off for a little bit…

Daniel Walker and Jaz Ellington are the two contestants left – who’s going to get it?!

Jaz says it would change his family life, Daniel says it would also change his life, along with his baby’s. He says he must just go for it!

Daniel is up fist to take to the stage. He sings a rendition of Seal‘s Kiss From A Rose. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything for Will, and he didn’t turn around, meaning Daniel is going home!

We were promised an explosive ending to the Blind Auditions – let’s see what Jaz has up his sleeve! Singing Ed Sheeran‘s The A Team, Jaz managed to make Will turn around almost instantly, giving Will a very smug grin on his face! Jessie then requested that Jaz sings again, to which Jaz said he would sing Ordinary People. Not only did he managed to get Will to turn around, but with his rendition of Ordinary People, he reduced both Jessie J and Will.i.am to tears! Jaz rounds off the 10 contestants for Team Will.

There we have it, we have all 40 contestants, each coach has 10 contestants on their Team. Ready to battle? We are…


Team Jessie

Jessica Hammond
Toni Warne
Ben Kelly
Vince Kidd
David Faulkner
Cassius Henry
Kirsten Joy
Ruth Ann
Indie & Pixie
Becky Hill

Team Will

J Marie Cooper
Heshima Thompson
Frances Woods
Joelle Moses
Jay Norton
Kate Reade
Tyler James
Jenny Jones
Sophie Griffin
Jaz Ellington

Team Danny

Max Milner
David Julien
Vince Freeman
Aleks Josh
Murray Hockridge
Hannah Berney
Bill Downs
Bo Bruce
Emmy J Mac
John James Newman

Team Tom

Adam Isaac
Sam Buttery
Aundrea Nyle
Barbara Bryceland
Matt and Sueleen
Deniece Pearson
Leanne Mitchell
Denise Morgan
Lindsey Butler
Ruth Jones

Watch highlights from the 4th Blind Auditions of the series, below:

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