‘Google Drive’ interface leaked

Popular social media news blog, Mashable, have posted an exclusive screenshot of what appears to be the interface of Google Drive.

This week we reported that the new service will be launching early next week, giving users 5GB of free storage.

The screenshot (inset) was captured earlier this week, by a student at a Brazilian university, who was attending a keynote being given by a Google employee.

The student in questions – Pedro Henrique Moschetta – told the blog: “Some friends and I were watching a seminar with a employee called João Itaqui [ Enterprise director in Brazil] here at Universidade Feevale [Feevale University] in Novo Hamburgo, RS — Brazil when we noticed he had an option called ‘Drive’ in his toolbar. I think he, as a senior employee, has early access to Drive before public announcement or release.”

Mashable showed Google the snapshots from the keynote, to which they received the following in response: “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.”

Google have recently given their social network, Google+, a new look. Watch their official video below.


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