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Tonight saw the fourth batch of Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists take to the stage in a bid to win over the public vote . The first winner of the public vote would automatically progress to the finale on Saturday with the second lucky finalist from tonight being chosen by the judges.

Again, another two acts went through this evening, which will happen over the course of the next three nights. The winner will receive a life changing prize of £500,000 and a spot on the bill at the 2012 Royal Variety Performance.

Here’s a round-up from this evening’s show:

Dance | 9-14
Nu Sxool is a dance group from Port Talbot with 17 members who have been performing together for two and a half years. They have won the World Street Dance Championships which makes them the Welsh, British and World Champions for their age group. They use pubs, community centres and even local car parks to practise in and they dream to one day have their own touring show and for the group to appear in pop videos and films. The children feel like they want to win Britain’s Got Talent to show all of their friends that they can achieve anything you set your mind to.

David – ” , you are not just the youngest dance group we’ve had on this show, you are the best dance group. Thomas, what you can do is absolutely mind-blowing.”

Alesha – “You guys should be really really proud tonight. I loved the outfits, I loved the music, the tricks were wicked as well. I have to be honest with you, we’ve seen some big acts go out, but I really hope people pick up the phone for you.”

Amanda – “You were so fierce. I loved it. I love what you’re wearing. I love the choreography. I was disappointed that Twist & Pulse didn’t go through yesterday, but I think you are better than them and you deserve to go through.”

Simon – “I really liked you on your first audition. And it’s very difficult for people your age to come on to a live show and improve what you do. In my opinion, you were better tonight. Without question, best act we’ve seen tonight so far.”

Magicians | 35
Peter and Jonas have been performing together as professional magicians for seven years. They have come to Britain’s Got Talent to beat all other magicians with their unique, comic style. They believe the formula of a magician and his sexy assistant.

David - “None of us have a clue how you did that. I don’t normally like magic, but I love you two”

Alesha - ” I actually can’t believe it. If I was at home right now, I’d be rewinding it just to see what happened. Wow, that’s shockingly good.”

Amanda - “It was fascinating. The accents add to the intrigue. I have no idea how you did that trick.”

Simon - ” I’ve always liked magic acts. I literally went “wow” when you did that. I’ve got absolutely no idea how you did it. I’ve got to applaud you.”

Beatrix Von Bourbon

Burlesque Performer | 28
Beatrix has been performing burlesque for six years and she started partly through her interest in vintage fashion styles. She is taking part to demonstrate that burlesque can be fun and is an art form. She also has a self-confessed love for Jedward.

David - “When I first saw you at the audition, I didn’t really get it. I thought it was like stripping but without the good but at the end. Tonight, I realise there’s a great deal of artistry to it. Whether you’re going to go any further in the competition, I don’t know.”

Alesha - “I agree with David. The first time I saw you I wanted to see more. People won’t want to like you but you are actually a class act in what you do…however, what I just saw there bored me”

Amanda - “I feel that your first audition was more sexy. Those little cami knickers are just not the best colour, and I just wanted to see more of you basically. But I love your purple muff.”

Simon - “You put a little smile on little Dec’s face. For what it was, I think you did very well. Whether you’ll make it through to the finals, I don’t think so.”

Singer | 8
Malaki started singing when he was seven years old in a church choir.  He says that his musical inspirations are his mum and Michael Jackson.  Malaki won the crowds over at his first audition with his version of Beyoncé’s Listen.   The Judges told him he was a “total star”, with Simon adding “what I like about you is that you are brave; you got off to a bad start but you picked yourself up.”

David - “That is the greatest comeback of all time. Two weeks ago, the nation saw you cry on TV. Now they’ve seen you rock the joint.”

Alesha - “We all fell in love with you at the first audition. You sing as if you’ve lived a thousand lives. There’s a lot of pain there…you’re a raw talent.”

Amanda - “Malaki, I thought it was a huge improvement…but there were quite a few pitching issues if I’m going to be honest with you.”

 Simon - “I think today you went from a boy to a man. You managed to conquer your nerves…if you can do what you’ve done tonight, you’re going to be very successful going forward.”

Singers | 13-14
B Minor have been a group for two years and formed through Daisy’s mum’s (Sally) theatre school called Jigsaw in Manchester. The girls are very close friends and their dream would be to be able to record an album and go on a world tour as a group. If the girls won the show, they would like to buy a house for them to all live in and pay back their mums for driving them around all of the time.

David - “Girls, that was a brilliant performance. I said at your first audition you’ve got the potential to be the female One Direction. I really do think you have. You’ve got great chemistry together. Great choice of song. I wouldn’t be surprised if My Simon made you sign a record contract tonight.”

Alesha - ” I have to be honest with you, I didn’t like the song at all. It didn’t do anything for me. However, the good news is, I absolutely love you. I just didn’t like the song. I don’t think that’s the style of music you should be doing.”

Amanda - “I thought the two songs were cute. I thought you were dead sassy. I’m going to be dead honest with you – I think you are fantastic, you’ve got a great voice. The others need to catch up with you a bit. You did a good job tonight, and your parents can be proud. But you need to get a bit more confidence and enjoy yourself a bit more.”

Simon - ” I thought the song was a little bit old fashioned. You could have done a lot more with the production, but that’s not your fault. We’re here to see potential. I see great potential in your four and I really hope you get a chance to make it through to the finals”

Ballroom Dancers | 40
They have been ballroom dancing for six years and wanted to show it’s not just for men and women to dance together. They have been together for 15 years and are influenced by west end stage productions. Soren is a psychologist and Bradley is a producer.

David - “You actually remind me of me and My Simon when we first met. There was so much joy and chemistry between the two of you. It was my favourite act.”

 Alesha - “I completely agree with David. It’s my favourite act of the night. I am a gay man in a straight woman’s body. I really appreciate the courage and bravery that brought your act to such massive publicity as this.”

Amanda - “Clearly, you love each other and you love dancing together. And you’re great dancers, I genuinely enjoy watching you dance. I personally don’t know if you can win the competition.”

Simon - ” I like you two, you’re very funny, but if I was watching TV and came across you two, I’d carry on flicking. It wasn’t great. But I’ve seen much better dancers.”

Comedian | 31
Gatis is a 31 year old comedian. He often performs at The Comedy Store and Comedy Cafe in London, and has been doing stand up for 18 months. He currently works in the caring profession, and is looking to get a break into the comedy world. He gets his inspiration from everyday life experiences, and would describe himself as similar to Adam Sandler.

David - “I know you’ve been writing Ant and Dec’s material for a long time. You’re the funniest Latvian comedian that I’ve ever seen.”

Alesha - “You are the funniest unfunny person. You’re hysterical. My favourite is “Are you a well? No, you’re a person”

Amanda - “I can’t think of anything to say, except it was funny, in a really odd, bizarre way.”

Simon - “It’s just so terrible, it’s fantastic. I don’t normally like comedians that much, but your jokes are like something you’d get out of a Latvian cracker.”

Singer-Songwriter | 19
Nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter Sam Kelly shone in the very first audition show with his version of Norfolk born Sam taught himself to the play the guitar and he’s currently studying for a Music degree in Brighton. A fan of Norwich City, he goes to as many matches as he can and has confessed to having a soft spot for celebrity chef Delia Smith!

David - “Really interesting judging on this show, because some acts come on and they’ve got fireworks and flashing lights and it doesn’t make as much impact as one guy standing still on a stage singing and playing the guitar. That was astonishing. You have a real recording artist’s voice.”

Alesha - “Sam, I loved you the first time, and you haven’t disappointed again. There’s a lovely sensitivity in the way that you sing. I think girls are just going to fall in love with you. David is so spot on. No smoke and mirrors.”

Amanda - “You have the most soulful quality to your voice, and you really sing from your heart. You make me want to listen to what you’re singing about. If you went through to the final, I’d like you to kick it up a bit.”

Simon - “I totally disagree with Amanda, this is exactly what you should be doing. I heard something distinct in your vocal that I didn’t hear first time. You’ve got charisma.

 The Britain’s Got Talent results show airs tonight on ITV1/HD at 9.30pm, with the next semi-final show continuing tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV1/HD.

Check out The Loveable Rogue‘s performance from yesterday’s show, below:


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