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Tonight saw the fifth and final batch of Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists take to the stage in a bid to win over the public vote . The first winner of the public vote would automatically progress to the finale on Saturday with the second lucky finalist from tonight being chosen by the judges.

Again, another two acts went through this evening, which will happen over the course of the next three nights. The winner will receive a life changing prize of £500,000 and a spot on the bill at the 2012 Royal Variety Performance.

Here’s a round-up from this evening’s show:


Basketball/Trampoline stunts | 20-29

Face Team call themselves a professional Trampoline Stunts group who mix trampolining and acrobatic stunts with basketball tricks. The ten strong team from Hungary formed in 2004 after Aron won a Freestyle basketball contest and decided he wanted to expand his efforts and recruit additional members. They wanted to compete in the competition this year to showcase their talent and impress the country with the unique stunts.

Here’s what the judge’s had to say about this evening’s performance:

David –  “A Basketball act is underselling, it’s not just about playing basketball, you’re bouncing up and down on the trampoline and you look great in red satin shorts. There’s so much to your act and I hope people pick up their phones, it’s an extraordinary act.”

Alesha – “What an incredible start to the show, absolutely brilliant, you were like jumping spidermen at the back, I loved all the tricks and the dance moves, the act is so physical, it’s brilliant.”

Amanda – “It was absolutely phenomenal, at this point in the competition there should be no mistakes, and it was flawless, perfect.”

Simon –  “You know what I like, the fact that people from all over the world are coming to take part in Britain’s Got Talent, and I welcome them all. You represented yourselves brilliantly and it’s better from the first time I saw you, you even risked your lives. It was outstanding, congratulations.”

Singer | 16

Hope has been singing since the age of two when her mum said she sang along to the radio when they were in the car. She lives in Essex with her mum and dad, along with her twin sister Grace. She is currently studying for her GCSEs and she is very proud to say that she sang at the Royal Albert Hall when she was 14.

Here’s what the judges had to say about this evening’s performance:

David – “You’re a class act, I like that you don’t pick obvious choices and I believe you’re one of the best acts in the competition”

Alesha –  “I like the way you started the song, you took us on a journey and than you showed us your power voice. I know you can sing the hell out of a song, you have the pipes for it. You did yourself and Essex proud tonight with that song.”

Amanda – “I think it’s incredible that you’re only 16 and you have a voice like that. Personally, I didn’t like the song, but you delivered it impeccably, especially with the final note, and you deserve a place in the final”

Simon – “I actually disagree, I love the song, I do, I do. The irony is, you remind me of a young Adele, she had a hit with a Bob Dylan song with Make You Feel My Love. You impressed me, but at the beginning you lost your way, but singing a track like that, you came back and hit the notes at the end.”

Musician | 27

Greig started playing the lazer harp two years ago, his performance name is Theremin Hero. His passion started when he was in school and took an interest in composing songs using computers. Grieg describes himself as a “certified geek” and his biggest performance to date was at an international gaming convention in Germany.

Here’s what the judges had to say about this evening’s performance:

David – “I know why Simon buzzed, because he doesn’t know what the kids are getting down to these days, the kids are getting down to the lazer harp! Even if after tonight, you get a girlfriend, I want you to keep playing the Lazer Harp.”

Alesha -”I liked it a bit more when the dancers arrived, because I associate lazers with a party vibe. I do appreciate what you do and I do like the lazers, but I’m not sure Queenie and the royals would get down to it.”

Amanda –  “I love the music and that’s where it ends. I think it’s too nerdy and not for me at all, but it might be for Simon.”

Simon – “The end was okay with the dancers, but at the beginning it sounded like someone was treading on a cat, you were hitting some bum notes. I looked okay but sounded terrible. You need a lot more practice for it to work.”

Dancers | 38 & 41

Best friends Gary and Paula from Manchester danced their way into the semi-finals to Alicia Keys‘ New York. Paula has been a wheelchair user for eight years after contracting MRSA, 17 years ago, while being treated in hospital for pneumonia. She and Gary started dancing together two years ago. They now dance all over Europe and they can’t wait for the live shows.

Here’s what the judges had to say about this evening’s performance:

David – “Really interesting, some people would think this act would be funny and some would like it’d be uncomfortable, but it’s actually completely joyous. You guys put hope out there and you prove that no such thing is impossible.”

Alesha – “You are amazing, I respect you so much for what you’re doing and you prove that anything is possibly if you put your mind to it. You were more daring the first time, I was waiting for that, so it didn’t live up to the audition but I do like the idea of what you do.”

Amanda –  “I have to agree with Alesha, you did a great job but your audition knocked me out, I was disappointed and underwhelmed.”

Simon – “I thought it was good fun, you looked like you enjoyed it. Gary, you were like an excited little Poodle and half way through you forgot the other one. but like I said, it was fun and I agree with David, it’s fun and I admire you for that.”

Cyr Wheel Performer | 21

Brought up in Batley, Yorskhire Billy has lived in London for the last three years to study circus skills at college. He is one of only a few people in the country that perform using the Cyr Wheel and Billy has endured a few injuries from learning to use it – from the 18 kilos of steel wheel falling onto his leg to bashing his eye and tearing ligaments in his thumb in training. He wants to know what the public think of his act and can’t wait for the live shows.

Here’s what the judges thought of this evening’s performance:

David –  “Billy, I didn’t think you needed the ring, you needed to come on with your top off and everyone started screaming. It’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it, you do it with such a sense of fun and your personality shines through. It’s such a different act and I would like to see you on Saturday night in the final, and if you want to win, come with less clothes on.”

Alesha –  “You’re like the hooping version of Billy Elliot, you look really good. You’re such a likable guy and what you do is so clever. It’s lovely to see something so different, and as David said, for that reason you should go through to the final.”

Amanda – “Here’s the thing, Acts like this can be boring and quite pretentious, but you brought it to a level that we all love, and yes, how you’re dressed helps. You’re like the Peter Pan of the Circus world, and I believe, I believe!!”

Simon – “You know what, on paper this act sounds quite boring, but you know, it’s incredibly skillful, this is what makes the show different to all the other shows out there, as we have variety, and what you did was absolutely brilliant.”

Impersonator | 42

Martin has been doing his act since he first watched Dr Who when he was six. He works in banking, but has done his impression in every interview he has ever had and got the job! He also has a love for cheesy karaoke.

Here’s what the judges though of this evening’s performance:

David –  “Well… I think you completely exterminated the opposition in the competition now. It was moving and it brought a tear to my eye, people will be at home crying. You have a great gift and I thank you for sharing it with the world.”

Alesha – “Exterminate! I never thought I would see a rapping Dalek but I do love you though, I think you’ve started a new trend.”

Amanda – “You know, there are millions of Dr Who fans across the world, and they could all vote for you and trend you Worldwide, they could make you go through to the final, so I urge Dr Who fans everywhere, pick up the phone and vote.”

Simon –  “Arguably, the most stupid act I’ve ever seen on this show, I don’t know what them things were meant to be behind you, but it’s insane beyond belief. I’m urging Dr Who fans not to put you though because at the end of the day, we have to write a cheque for half a million Pound and put an act in front of the royal family and I don’t think they’d want to watch that.”

Synchronised Swimmers | 21-28

Aquabatique is a synchronised swimming performance group which was founded three years ago and has since won the Entertainment act of the year 2011 award. Their act was first inspired by a Cirque Du Soleil ‘Fish Bowl’ performance, which gave them the idea to develop their act through performing in a glass tank and giving their performance a true visual spin on what can be a different sport to really understand when done in a pool. All the girls have backgrounds in high level competitive synchronised swimming, both nationally and internationally.

Here’s what the judges made of their performance this evening:

David – “That was all the thing I love. Swimming, James Bond and Skimpy gold outfits. I always wanted to do synchronized swimming, I wonder if my Simon will join me later in the pool for a splash around?”

Alesha – “Girls, I think you’re incredible, mixing sport with routine and with James Bond. It was great, you look amazing and with the Olympics this year, you’re inspirational. I would love to see you in the final.”

Amanda –  “I couldn’t agree more with Alesha, it was absolutely fabulous. I loved that it was outside, it was unique and I would love to see you in the final”

Simon – “I don’t know what the British Selection Committee were thinking not putting you through, it was absolutely fabulous and I now know more about Synchronized swimming. I loved the song, and I am building one of these in my home, if you don’t win, you can come and live in my aquarium.”

Comedian | 16

Callum has been performing stand up comedy for two and a half years. He first started when a stand up training scheme came to his school, and went on to do a six week training course. His major influences include Norman Wisdom, Michael McIntyre and Lee Evans.

Here’s what the judges though of his performance this evening:

David –  “That was incredibly funny, I can’t believe you’re only 16, you’ve got a confident presence like Jack Dee and you combine that with physical comedy like Lee Evans. Whatever happens, you’re going to be a comedy star of the future.”

Alesha –  “David said it all there, you’re such a young star, you have a lot of potential and I wanted you to be up there longer as I was just getting into it. It must have been difficult to hold an audience like you did and I wish you the best of luck. You kept it relevant to your age, I think you’re great.”

Amanda –  “I also think you have the beginnings of a good act, I don’t think it’s all there yet, but this is the type of show that when you’re famous we will look back and say ‘Oh he was on Britain’s Got Talent’”

Simon – “You know what, I think you’re naturally funny, your routine in your audition was better than the one tonight, but you know what, that doesn’t matter, as the other guys have said, this is a springboard for you. You are naturally good at this and David doesn’t like other comedians, we had to force him to say yes to get you on the show.”

Ryan O’Shaugnessy

Singer | 19

Ryan is a singer/songwriter from Dublin and he’s currently studying music at college. He comes from a musical family – his dad is in a band and his mum used to sing vocals in a band. His claim to fame is that he once appeared in Fair City – a soap opera in Ireland. Ryan wasn’t put through to the live Semi-Finals initially, he was sent home as he was locked in a contract with Universal Music, as he’d appeared on The Voice Ireland and got through to the first live shows. As he was locked into a contract, it meant he could not progress further in the competition and was therefore sent home. However, he was recently released from his contract and was brought back for the Semi-Finals.

Here’s what the judges made of his performance this evening:

David – “You are a major talent. You came onto the stage and you’ve done another original song which was fantastic. This girl who won’t go out with you is actually doing you a favor, as you’re writing the most beautiful songs about her.”

Alesha – “Whatever happens in this competition, you’ll be a successful songwriter, you’ve written two songs now, that I feel like I already know them and I like how you sing a song as it’s not about the vocal acrobatics, it’s simple and believable, you’re like an old romantic.. I loved it.”

Amanda – “As Adele proved, she sold a multi-platinum album through pain and heartbreak, your voice is absolutely beautiful especially when you his those high notes.”

Simon – “You know what, I wouldn’t worry about her. You’re going to get so much action after this. You are a brilliant, brilliant songwriter. You were on The Voice of Ireland and they didn’t put you through? They let you go? You know, their loss is our gain and what I like is you’re believable, your lyrics make sense, I listen to the lyrics. You’re a brilliant songwriter and a brilliant singer. Maybe you could be the darkhorse in this competition, I believe in you.”

Britain’s Got Talent continues on Saturday 12th May for the grand finale at 7:30pm on ITV1/HD.

Check out Callum’s performance from tonight, below:

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