Hello! launches first 3D Cover (featuring Gary Barlow)

Hello! magazine are getting involved with the Queens Diamond Jubilee by publishing the worlds first true 3D magazine cover.

Using augmented reality, Gary Barlow gracefully leans out of the front cover of their Jubilee edition.

The team behind the technology, Digicave and Timeslice, are widely known for the visuals they have brought to ITV’s The Cube and Dancing on Ice. Digicave CEO Rex Reid has said, “A milestone in mass televisual experience was the coronation of the Queen. The milestone for sculptural photography us at the time of her Diamond Jubilee”.

Callum Macmillan is the Managing Director of Timeslice Films, he commented “Camera systems that capture true 3D shape and form will be sent to cover celebrity shoots just as a normal stills photographer is used today and ! can proudly claim to have led the way”.

“From now on you will see sculptural photography used on a regular basis by magazines and media”.

Hello! editor Rosie Nixon adds, “I am thrilled that ! is at the cutting-edge and leading the way”.

Digicave used its pioneering 3D scanning technology to capture Gary Barlow and create the sculptural photograph with 42 Nikon Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras deployed by Timeslice Films, which formed the backbone of the 3D camera array system.

To see the 3D image of Gary Barlow,  download the Hello! 3D App from the App Store or Google Play on your smart phone or tablet and see the magic as Gary appears to be on the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony.


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