‘Red or Black’ S2 to be completely pre-recorded?


Series 2 of Simon Cowell‘s gameshow Red or Black is to be completely pre-recorded, according to reports.

The next series of the show will be on Saturday nights in the autumn, airing just before The X Factor. But bosses have decided to pre-record the show, so they have more time to investigate the past of anyone who wins the top prize.

The changes come after last year Nathan Hageman won £1million, but it wasn’t until afterwards producers found out he had a conviction for beating a woman.

It has also been announced that the end game has been changed, after the Gambling Commission told ITV they couldn’t use the giant roulette wheel because it glamourised gambling.

They also said that the end game had no skill involved, so show bosses have changed to a new game called The Vortex.

Contestants now have to predict how long it will take for a ball to descend down the ‘mini velodrome’.

A source told The Sun’s TV Biz: “We had planned a game where people have to get the ball into a red or black hole. It would have been like a pinball board, where how hard you send the ball running and when you flick the ball determines where you end up. But The Vortex will still be as tense as the roulette wheel — it could even be more exciting as the ball will hang around for longer.”

The prize for this years series will only be £500,000 per show – but if no one wins it will roll over for the next episode.

Filming starts next week, in the same studio that was recently used by The Voice UK.

From a clip from the first series of Red or Black, below.

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