Thunderstorm causes Instagram, Pinterest, Netflix outage

Within the last 24 hours, severe thunderstorms have caused Instagram, Netflix and Pinterest outages.

Due to a heat wave and thunderstorms, cloud computing services in the US have been subsequently affected which has caused the outage of services such as Instagram, Netflix and Pinterest.

The service, Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud, is hosted in North Virginia, where there were severe weather conditions during the night such as powerful winds, torrential rains and thunderstorms, causing widespread outages in the area.

VentureBeat reported that at 11.21pm EDT (4.21am BST) Amazon Web Services said: “We are investigating connectivity issues for a number of instances in the US-EAST-1 Region”.

Subsequently, Netflix and Instagram went on to tweet something similar, that they were experiencing technical issues and that they were working to resolve the problems.

Pinterest and Netflix returned to full service shortly after, however, Instagram still remained down, and independent checks at the time of writing this (7:10PM BST), it appears Instagram‘s website is still down and the service is still not fully functional, with some areas of the Instagram app reporting that “this feature is temporarily disabled.”

It is also the second time this month that the Amazon service has failed, with a six and a half hour outage last week.

Take a look at Netflix, below:

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