Review: Misha B – ‘Home Run’ (Single)

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star showed courage and determination during the live shows last year, arguably maybe a bit too much, and divided the opinions of the audience straight down the middle. The semi finalist is now set to embark on her quest to the top spot with her debut single Home Run and hopes to do just that and reach the top spot.

Home Run is a promising offer and is one that is not lacking in personality, attitude and style, not disappointing fans of the show.  has firmly stuck to her guns and is stamping her mark on many different genres, from Pop/R&B to Grime in this one song. Starting slow, it immediately picks up pace the drums beat and stomping base make for a pleasurable listen.

The track is a catchy one in which it showcases the star positively, not only demonstrating the fresh rap side of  but the silky smooth diva-esque voice too. There is no denying the girl has got talent, a heaps of it too!

The only negative is that the single possibly feels a bit rushed, and  could well still trying to find her feet musically. Nevertheless the single is one that shows originality and bravery and sets well in to becoming possibly the UK’s equivilant to Missy Elliot.

The single was released on the 15th July 2012.

The video for Home Run can be found below:

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