Upcoming ITV rebrand details revealed, ditching numeric “1″?


ITV are to drop the numeric “1″ from its flagship channel name, as part of it’s upcoming rebrand, according to Broadcast.

The name change is just one of the changes being made on the network.. 1′s trademark yellow colour will be phased out and a new set of idents introduced, and its digital channels  will be given a “substantially different” presence on-screen, but keep their names.

“These changes are not just a paint job. This is a big undertaking and will have a sense of scale. It is aimed at ensuring viewers attribute our content to the ITV brand,” said an ITV insider.

Group Marketing and Research Director, , is leading the team being the rebrand – the last of which was brought in six years ago. Radcliffe was behind the relaunches of E4 and More 4, and introduced Channel 4‘s current ‘floating logo’.

Originally due to be introduced this Autumn, the broadcaster’s channel changes will be introduced in January.

Watch one of 1′s current idents, Sunflowers, below.


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3 comments on Upcoming ITV rebrand details revealed, ditching numeric “1″?

  1. avatar Ian says:

    Oh brilliant so as if the names aren’t widespread enough – people still calling it Granada, Tyne Tes etc. And what about the confusion for the “ITV HD” channel opposed to “ITV2 HD” it looks like it will be a cross channel mixed HD content channel like BBC HD.
    As long as you “refresh” 1 year into thisse new idents as in 2006 where brilliant and local idents were switched for “people painting roof” and “overgrown basketball court”

  2. avatar Rob Woods says:

    Was I dreaming or are itv plc planning to reintroduce frontcaps to their programmes, as well..?

  3. avatar Robbie says:

    Please itv can we have generic indents and not just live action

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