BSkyB reveal Sky+HD Undelete, On Demand updates

have today announced some imminent updates for their boxes.

The Undelete feature will store all of the programmes you have deleted in a new tab of the Planner, allowing them to be restored if they had been accidentally deleted. The oldest items in the Deleted tab will be erased automatically, and permanently if you need more space for new recordings.

The will been given a reshuffle, with a new Store tab giving customers access to rent movies, the Docs tab moving to a more prominent location and the Help menus becoming more specific to each section of the Guide. There will also be an option to disable your iPad’s remote control features (available through the Sky+ app for iPad) via the Parental section.

Ahead of the upcoming launches of , , Demand5 and Sky’s own Catch Up TV services, the Sky Anytime and Anytime+ sections will join and be renamed On Demand – customers will need to connect their box to a broadband router, or purchase a wireless adapter in order to view the On Demand content.

The additional features will be added in a software update – which will be gradually rolled out overnight in the coming days, weeks and months. Customers with the latest box (DRX890) and the 1TB box will receive the update first, the company confirmed.

Watch a Sky Movies 007/HD launch trailer below.


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