Apple Media Event, September 12th

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Unfortunately, you were a bit too late in getting to see our coverage as it happened. You can, however, read our updates below where you’ll find that Tim Cook and revealed various new products including the , new earbuds (a welcome change) and various updates to iPods.

The highlight of the event was for the new . With massive changes including a larger screen, the introduction of iOS6, a better camera and the highly rumoured LTE! Not only that but preorders for the device will begin on the 14th of September with the device shipping on the 21st.

iPods (Nano and Touch) also got huge updates, basically the Nano now resembles a small iPhone (with multi-touch and a smaller, thinner design) whereas the Touch resembles the with it’s larger screen, A5 processor and improved camera.

Read our live coverage, below.

  • 7.52pm Thank you again from all at Monkey Towers.
  • 7.51pm I think it’s safe to say todays Event is now over. If you’re reading, thank you so much. I hope I done, okay? Thanks once again for choosing as your source for live news, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more live events in the near future.
  • 7.49pm Foo Fighters now playing “My Hero” all acoustic and such… jealous of everyone there.
  • 7.48pm The new iPhone page is live -
  • 7.47pm I think it’s safe to say we’re done for the night, we’re sticking around though until we’re told otherwise. DON’T MOVE!
  • 7.44pm

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  • 7.43pm The Foo Fighters (the actual band!!) are playing now at the Event!
  • 7.40pm A new iPhone, new iPods (with earbuds) and iOS6 with 200 new features!
  • 7.40pm Now a recap of what has been introduced today.
  • 7.39pm Another video package showing off the latest line of iPods. Think we’re almost done, though we’ve got a little bit of time left, maybe one more thing?
  • 7.38pm New Nano and iPod touch will be available in October.
  • 7.36pm Although available with all products mentioned today the Earpods will be available from today as a standalone accessory.
  • 7.34pm Now, another video… To be honest the new “Earpods” look great, hope they’re of better quality than the current ear buds.
  • 7.34pm have been working for three years to introduce new earbuds known as “Ear Pods” - you probably saw them leaked on the internet a few weeks ago!
  • 7.32pm Lovely new colours but possibly new earbuds coming too?

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  • 7.31pm Siri will also be included into the new iPod touch and will be available in different colours! Not just black or white and each will come with it’s own colour coordinated “loop”
  • 7.30pm Introducing the iPod touch “loop” which allows you at the push of a button to attach a bracelet to your device.
  • 7.29pm iPhoto, available in the App Store will also work for the new iPod touch as well.
  • 7.27pm iSight camera is also making an appearance on the new iPod touch – 5 megapixel sensor, backside illumination, LED flash etc etc
  • 7.26pm iPod touch battery life has been increased greatly.
  • 7.24pm It’s one of those apps much like Tom the Cat where you can interact with the on screen character but with Clumsy Ninja, he can learn.
  • 7.23pm Game developer is on stage now to show off ‘Clumsy Ninja’ which appears to be an interactive toy
  • 7.22pm Oh and it’s faster with the A5 chip (iPhone 4s)
  • 7.21pm The new iPod touch also features the same sized display as the .
  • 7.20pm Up next the iPod touch… 6.1mm thin – the new fifth generation iPod touch, the lightest they’ve created.
  • 7.18pm It also has widescreen video, comes in 7 different colours and features bluetooth!
  • 7.17pm It’s 38% thinner than before at 5.4mm and features multi-touch

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  • 7.17pm Starting with the Nano, nice controls the new “Lightning” connector and thinner, of course.
  • 7.16pm It’s time for some change though…
  • 7.15pm Eddy Cue back on stage and running down those changes and providing an update for the iPod, remember those? They’re still popular with selling 350 million of them.
  • 7.14pm Some plugging for various artists and movies now… judging by the pictures though, the new iTunes looks great. Moving with the times…
  • 7.11pm iCloud has also been built right into the heart of iTunes, up next, movies.
  • 7.10pm The mini player also has had a lick of paint…
  • 7.09pm The currently playing tab at the top also shows you upcoming songs in a little drop down box.
  • 7.08pm Artists can share photos with you in your own library.
  • 7.07pm iTunes itself is also getting a huge makeover…
  • 7.05pm iOS6 is out September 19th it would seem.
  • 7.05pm Big changes for iTunes in terms of design, same goes for App Store – Facebook likes integrated. Songs can be previewed while browsing and samples will play while you browse. Talk about multitasking.
  • 7.03pm Eddy Cue is on stage talking about iTunes – available in 63 countries around the world and customers can shop from anywhere…
  • 7.02pm Next, onto iTunes and iPods…
  • 7.02pm Tim is back “This is the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone.”
  • 7.01pm Preorders on the 14th, ships September 21st! More countries on the 28th.
  • 7.00pm iPhone 3gs is gone, will take rein of iPhone 4s prices, iPhone 4s of 4 prices and so on…
  • 6.59pm Phil is back…
  • 6.59pm Is anyone else now just waiting a price and release date? I know I am…
  • 6.56pm If you didn’t know, Facetime no longer relies on Wi-Fi – sort of…
  • 6.55pm We’ve seen these events run a lot longer than the standard hour you’d expect, they could have a few more things up their sleeves.
  • 6.53pm Do you think we’ll get a “one more thing”? or could this be purely just an iPhone event?
  • 6.52pm Phil is running over the features again and is now showing a video – prices and release dates should be coming up soon! Stick with us Monkeys.
  • 6.51pm Phil is back on stage, the will be available in black and white.
  • 6.50pm You can also post directly to Facebook using Siri.
  • 6.49pm Now showing off some new features with Siri – finding restaurants, movie times etc
  • 6.48pm Though, this doesn’t appear to be linked with Facebook in any way.
  • 6.47pm Now showing off photo stream sharing, just select the photo’s you want to share and the other person will receive a notification saying you’ve shared with them, you can comment on photos and like the photo as well.
  • 6.45pm It would be nice to see UK companies really use Passbook for cinema tickets, Starbucks accounts etc – Martin
  • 6.44pm iCloud tabs sync your open tabs from device to device, VIPs in your Mail accounts and Passbook – which was also shown at WWDC.
  • 6.44pm Notification Center next, tap to tweet or post to Facebook and even enter full screen mode on safari - we’re moving fast here, hope you can keep up!
  • 6.43pm Nothing we hadn’t already seen at WWDC…
  • 6.42pm really have been working hard to keep this up to the standard of Google Maps, maybe even better?
  • 6.41pm Maps is being shown on screen, remember, has built their own Maps application getting rid of Google Maps we’ve all been used to using for years.
  • 6.40pm Up next, iOS6 running on the . Demo on stage with Scott Forstall.
  • 6.39pm You can also use an adapter for all your old equipment should you not be too happy with the big change.

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  • 6.38pm The new cable for charging is called “Lightning”
  • 6.37pm Up next, the connector…
  • 6.36pm The comes with three microphones, one in the bottom, one in the front and one round the back – the speakers are also improved and are 20% smaller than before.
  • 6.35pm The Facetime camera is now HD and you also get 1080p video, improved video stability, face detection — and finally you can  also take photos whilst you’re shooting video.
  • 6.34pm With panorama mode you can take photos up to 28 megapixels and the stitching between segments of the photo is almost invisible.
  • 6.32pm Panorama mode will also come included with the camera, and with iOS6 and iCloud comes “shared photo streams”.
  • 6.31pm With the new processor comes faster photo capturing, spatial noise reduction and better low-light performance. It should feel 40% faster on photo capturing.
  • 6.31pm The camera will also include dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment and sapphire crystal – giving your pictures that crystal clear look?
  • 6.30pm Next, the camera (zooming through everything tonight!) - 8 megapixel sensor, backside illumination, hybrid IR filter and it’s 25% smaller!
  • 6.29pm The battery will apparently exceed that of the iPhone 4S.
  • 6.28pm A fully charged battery is now on screen. Will the battery cope with faster processors and all this gaming?
  • 6.27pm Great looking graphics, shading and reflections also included. You can also play against friends using a feature in Game Centre. Rob, now gone.

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  • 6.26pm Rob Murray from EA on stage to show off I’ll assume what this new A6 chip can do for gaming!
  • 6.25pm The will also feature an A6 chip which apparently is two times faster compared to the A5. Phil showing some stats on how fast things will load – Twice as fast across the board.
  • 6.25pm New Wi-Fi also – 2.4ghz and 5ghz on 802.11n
  • 6.24pm In the US, with LTE, will be working with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and in –  Canada, Rogers, Telus, Bell…
  • 6.23pm Single chip for your voice and data and  single radio chip AND a dynamic antenna.
  • 6.22pm They’ve added HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and…LTE!
  • 6.21pm 44% more colour saturation and integrated touch. Phil is now talking about “Ultrafast Wireless”
  • 6.20pm Video, as expected will now be widescreen which for those who watch a lot of movies will be great.
  • 6.19pm If an app hasn’t been updated to fit the new screen size it’ll run like it always has, positioned in the middle of the screen with borders around it.
  • 6.18pm All the iOS apps have been updated to fit with this new screen size, your calendar shows more, so does mail and with iMovie you have more space for editing but what about non apps? You know, the ones we all download from the store?
  • 6.17pm Why the size change? So it fits your hand better, it also allows you obviously to see more on the screen and will add a fifth row of icons.
  • 6.16pm It’s 20% lighter than the 4s, 4 inch display (1136×640) with retina display.
  • 6.15pm The is made entirely of glass and aluminium

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  • 6.14pm Phil Schiller on stage, talking about how each time the iPhone has advanced and each time has set a new bar, today, the !
  • 6.13pm Next, the iPhone!
  • 6.12pm Combining all iOS devices, have sold over 400 million!
  • 6.11pm The average customer uses 100+ apps
  • 6.10pm 250,000 iPad apps in the store alone!
  • 6.09pm 91% of all tablet web traffic is from iPad users.
  • 6.08pm In total, have sold 84 million units – that’s since the launch two and half years ago! 62% marketshare last year!
  • 6.07pm Now, onto the iPad – Last quarter 17 million iPads sold, that is from April-June
  • 6.06pm A staggering 7 million copies of Mountain Lion upgrades were downloaded.
  • 6.o5pm Now from stores, onto the Mac. Reviews for Mountain Lion (launched in the summer) have been “fantastic”.
  • 6.03pm Like always, we’re being shown a video package of some pretty excited customers!
  • 6.01pm Tim talking about how “it’s an amazing time at ” and is now talking about retail stores, in particular one in Barcelona.
  • 6.00pm Tim Cook is on stage with cheers from the audience.
  • 6.00pm Lights are down, here we go!
  • 5.58pm The event is about to begin, anyone present has been asked to turn their devices to silent mode.
  • 5.57pm An official stream from isn’t available, though several can be found if you’re good with Google. Unfortunately we’re not going to provide any links.
  • 5.56pm Less than four minutes to go, are you ready!
  • 5.53pm Without reading too much into it, to the far left it looks like a few iMac screens?
  • 5.52pm It appears the guys over at CNET are in!

    © CNET

  • 5.47pm Could we not only see a new iPhone but possibly a new 7 inch iPad? Would that, to you be a productive size?
  • 5.45pm It seems the weather is in the favour of today, the scene at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, though we expect it a little busier now.

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  • 5.39pm Does anyone else miss the live stream? I know I do, it was great being part of the event from the comfort of my own home, actually seeing the product revealed without relying on text and pictures.
  • 5.38pm We’ve tried to steer clear of the whole rumour mill this time round, that will explain why you haven’t seen us talk about the iPhone as much as other the other media.
  • 5.31pm Many believe we’ll see some new iPods, much needed as the range appears to have dried up slightly (personal opinion of course)
  • 5.30pm In just under half an hour the world will be watching to see what the team have to reveal, obviously we’re expecting a new iPhone but what else?
  • 5.07pm We’ll be kicking off our coverage in around 23 minutes…
  • 3.56pm A number of sources are reporting that ’s own website features the term ‘′ in its search results, seemingly confirming that the next iPhone will indeed be called the ‘′.
  • 2.00pm The Store is down, ahead of today’s Media Event.

  • 9.00am Good morning, Martin here! Join us from 5:30pm (GMT) for our coverage of this years Event. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook where we’ll post when we’re officially starting! If you’re not in the UK, click here to see when our coverage for you begins!


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