We’re Nuts For… ‘Terra Nova’ (Pick TV, 6pm)

© FOX / Sky1

© FOX / Sky1

leaves stranded in a world where dinosaurs still walk the Earth.

Back in 1993, the Academy Award-winning director smashed every box office record going with Jurassic Park, and he just couldn’t resist a return trip to the prehistoric era. From the silver to the small screen, Spielberg fulfills executive- producing duties on an epic adventure filled with white- knuckle thrills, deadly dinos and well-drawn characters/human- sized snacks.

also packs the producing pedigree of Peter Chernin, Rene Echevarria and Brannon Braga, whose hits between them include Castle and 24, and an impressive cast ranging from (Strike Back, Mistresses) and Irish actor Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars) to Avatar‘s . The cherry on top is the eye candy, the cinematic-style special effects.

begins repeating tonight at 6pm, on .

Watch a trailer for Sky1‘s airing of the Spielberg seriesbelow.


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4 comments on We’re Nuts For… ‘Terra Nova’ (Pick TV, 6pm)

  1. avatar Seemee Khan says:

    I watched the first one on Pick TV yesterday. Do you know when the next one is? I loved it and could get quite hooked. Don’t want to miss the second part!

  2. Great, isn’t it! The second part is on tonight at 9pm, on Pick TV.

  3. avatar Christopher King says:

    Are you folks aware that FOX pulled the plug on the series?

  4. We are indeed, Chris.

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