We’re Nuts For… ‘Paul Hollywood’s Bread’ (BBC Two, 8.30pm)



The nation may have fallen in love with baking but for many, homemade bread seems a challenge too far. Britain’s favourite Master Baker, , is on a mission to share his passion for baking bread in this new series. Over six weeks, he will reveal the secrets of breads from all over the world and with a feast of mouth-watering recipes, he’ll show how even the most humble loaf can be transformed into delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In this first programme, we celebrate the history and traditional flavours of great British bread. Paul explains the basics of bread making by making a classic white bloomer, a gorgeous crusty everyday bread that he transforms into the perfect portable lunch, and his colourful roasted vegetable picnic loaf. We track the history of British bread making from farm to miller, brewer and baker and Paul bakes his ultimate ploughman’s loaf, a rye, oat and ale round. For tea, there is nothing better than a slice of Paul’s honey glazed, fruit-packed malt loaf. But his breads are no sideshow, so for a hearty family dinner he bakes his medieval-style rye and wholemeal trencher, a stunning centrepiece flat loaf piled high with watercress salad and sliced, seared lamb leg steaks in a mustard dressing.

’s Bread starts tonight at 8.30pm, on and the channel.


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