Technology is Developing Painless Surgery

There have been studies and researches made that technology is continually advancing on innovations to better the process of surgeries. To cite an example, it was proven that minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy (MIVAT) is safe according to research and applicability is now expanded and supported by ENT doctors.

Obviously, smaller incision means less pain, finer scars and less recovery period. This has been the aim of researches and the push to the use of technology in surgical procedures.

Image result for painless surgeryIn the past few years, anesthesia is a gift to suffering patients who needs to undergo invasive procedures, like literally opening a big part of the neck to pull out malignant tumors, now, minimally invasive video assisted thyroidectomy as a counterpart is a gift from technology which can only allow an inch laceration to do thyroidectomy.

Nonetheless, Anaesthetists are still a part of the team, even most surgeries today are almost painless. ‘No pain no, no gain’ applies to any kind of surgery, the thing we are looking to now is the decrease on the degree of pain during and after surgery.

  • Nose Job

In olden days, minor or major alike nose job is done literally by breaking the nose before it is reconstructed! How is that to appeal to anyone wanting to do rhinoplasty? Are this surgeons 100% sure of what is to be the result? Surgeons says “How can we reconstruct the nose when it is not broken?” Well, that’s obviously not a funny one but the truth. In this modern days, because of technology and a lot of research, patients may find that they could be a candidate for a non-surgical nose job, it is the improved alternative to the traditional nose job surgery procedure. The procedure involves just injectable of botox cosmetic or the so called Radiesse to improve the appearance of the nose. It means less pain and lesser recovery period if not, none at all.

  • Eye Surgery

Anyone planning to have vision correction by surgery could be frightened by the thought of a painful surgery, and the disturbance it may cause them financially since there is what we call a recovery period where you need to stay home and finish medication to be able to get back as fit to work. But now, Laser Eye Surgery is very popular and the first choice for eye surgery candidates. Besides that it doesn’t take much time, it is painless and the most thing about this is, recovery from the surgery is very fast as compared to other eye surgery methods. Thanks to technology.

If you are planning to have any kind of surgery, it is best to consult your surgeon for suggestions where you may be a candidate for a painless surgery.

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