Capturing the Camera’s Focus

photographersCatching the media’s attention is not easy task. When starting a career like modeling or acting, it’s important to learn how to make the camera love you. One of the basics is learning how to take good pictures.

Here are a few useful tips for beginners on how to get ready for the flashy lights:

Make yourself presentable – You may not look as handsome or beautiful as the other models or subjects, but you can always take advantage of looking presentably. Be sure to keep yourself looking as fresh and neat as you can, like having a good smile by regular teeth cleaning, or braiding your hair nicely.

Develop confidence and signature – Ditch negativity and say, “I can nail this.” You can have your friends or experts evaluate your body and looks. Ask them what your best assets and features are. There are always going to be strengths and weaknesses in you. Just keep developing your better side and take criticisms positively. Also, try finding something distinct in yourself; this can be your signature for easy recognition.

Study your face – Everyone has different face shapes, like round and edgy. Different make ups and contouring are applied to different face shapes. Knowing this will help you find your most preferable angles in the camera. Nobody wants to look at a very long jaw line or very puffed cheeks. Also, you must know how you look, like fierce or cute. It will help you decide whether you should relax or use the muscles on your face.

Study your body – We have very different body types too, like pear and hourglass for the women. Studying your body will guide you how to wear different clothes to suite your body type. Moreover, it will help you determine which parts of your body need more focusing and development. The angles where your body looks best are also important. You might looks sexier or more masculine when you pose sideways.

Practice posing – In your free time, practice posing in a whole body mirror. Wear different types of clothes or imagine you are endorsing a product, then apply and combine what you’ve learned about your face and body. Learn how to place your extremities in a comfortable looking position. Vary your poses from time to time. It 30-deepika-padukone-modelling-passion-photographywill be very helpful in shoots.

Know what the shoot is about – Whether you are endorsing a product or posing for a gothic magazine, always internalize the theme. This will help you get into the character and mood. What you’re thinking will always project on your performance.

Utilize props – Make use of the props around you, like leaning on a pole or using the chair next to you. This will add more diversity to your poses. But make sure you are still selling what you are supposed to sell.

Smile and shine – Now that you have the skills to nail that shoot, capture the camera’s focus. Catch the light and don’t let the nerves dull your shine.

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