How To Create The Perfect Candy Buffet For Your Party

Image result for How To Create The Perfect Candy Buffet For Your PartyWhen it comes to throwing a party, providing refreshments is typically part of the planning process. If you want to go for something unique and different, a candy buffet may be just what the doctor ordered. In the event that you have never created one of these, just visit to see which candy colors you may wish to have or there are other online sources that would help you and here are some pointers that will help you get it right.

Budget Well

While it is usually less expensive to create a candy buffet than it is to serve catered food, this does not mean that it is cheap. You should make sure to set aside a reasonable budget for the candy you have in mind. This is particularly true if you expect to serve specialty candy since buying a large amount of it can be rather costly.

Choose A Theme

There is nothing worse than tossing candy on a table haphazardly and calling it a buffet. In order to give your party the pizzazz and style you are looking for, you should create a candy buffet that follows a particular theme. The best way to do this would be to choose a theme and mood for your party, then create a candy buffet that complements it well. Doing it the other way around can be a bit complicated.

Select A Variety Of Candy

You should never create a buffet that focuses on one specific kind of candy, especially since everyone does not have the same preferences. Just because you like a certain type, this doesn’t mean your guests do. Ideally, you should choose a few different types Image result for selecting variety of candies for candy buffetin an attempt to appeal to everyone. For example, offering chocolate, gummies, hard and gum will increase the chances that everyone will find something that they like.

Buy A Scoop

Even if everyone at the party knows one another well, it is not likely people will be thrilled about eating candy that everyone had their hands on. Make sure that you provide a scoop for each of the candy types. A separate scoop for each type will help prevent any cross contamination in the event that someone has allergies, so consider this when you are at the store trying to decide how many to purchase.

A candy buffet is a great way to give your party fun and flair without breaking the bank. If you want to have one at your event and you want things to be perfect, make sure that you keep all of this information in mind.

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