Latest Hair Trends For A Modeling Career Boost

Modeling careers have been defined, set in stone, and launched just by one career-defining hair cut. For most of popular models, they don’t stick to one hair style, International Hair Company noted that they not change their hair look once a week or once a day, they do it almost every set or every 2 hours.
Dramatic chops that often involve hair color changes define and redefine careers.
The latest hair trends for a modeling career are  best led up to through history.

For a preview of what might pop careers in the future, let’s take a look at the past. The first story that comes to mind is from the movies.  Dorothy McGowan played supermodel and the 1950s film’s namesake, Who Are You Polly Magoo? In it, she showed up in Vidal Sassoon’s 5-Point Cut.

One decade later, Twiggy became a household name when she went blond. Her trademark cut was 7 1/2 hours in the making, created by Leonard of Mayfair and colorist Daniel Galvin.

Japan native, Okamoto, is now a model-turned-actress known for her work in Wolverine. At the height of her career, she trimmed her hair into a bowl cut that inspired artistry of Phillip Lim to match her style on the other models. She had previously modeled for Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors.

Evangelista cried when stylist Julian d’Ys sheared  off her hair. It was a move well worth the tears, sending the Canadian model’s career through the roof.

Stam had a farmer girl look that became every girl’s desired style when she went blond. Chanel and Victoria’s Secret had her modeling their lines in the past decade.

More recently, in 2012, Kloss chopped lobbed off her pretty hair. She had been modeling for Marc Jacobs and Burberry in the past. Post-chop, into a chic mullet she jumped to become the face of Louis Vuitton, YSL Beauté, and Tiffany.

Fernanda Ly knows the importance of color shock in the modeling world and has demonstrated this by wearing every main hair color, including red. It put the  Aussie native up front for Louis Vuitton’s lines.

While women value their long hair, they are fascinated by the head-turning look achieved by a runway model’s opposite hairdo, a short, cropped cut. The colors and cuts both define careers and move models up through the echelons.

The idea may have gotten its start in the move Who Are You Polly Magoo? Though, it has definitely become a case of art imitating life, as it has become almost expected for a model to cut her hair and change her color to bust out onto bigger and brighter runways.

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