Benefits Of Construction Trench Boxes

If you run a construction business, then you ought to be aware of the risks that trench work poses to construction workers. Every year scores of workers are killed while hundreds of others suffer serious injuries due to trench cave-ins. Trench cave-ins are a common occurrence in construction sites and sites where utility installation and maintenance projects are going on. Despite the safety risks it poses, trench work is necessary for almost all construction projects. Building a strong foundation is essential in ensuring the stability and sturdiness of structures.

Image result for Trench cave-insWhen dealing with any type of construction work, it is important to ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to. However, when it comes trench work basic safety precautions are just not enough. There are numerous factors that affect the stand-up time of trenches. Stand-up time is the amount of time between when a trench is dug and when its walls finally succumb to the weight of the surrounding earth and collapse. The stand-up time of a trench can last from just a few seconds to as long as a couple of months.

The composition and structure of the soil, depth of the trench, weather conditions and soil moisture are some of the major factors that significantly shorten the stand-up time of a trench. It is worth noting that even shallow trenches can still pose a safety risk to workers.

Trench cave-ins are not only a threat to those working in the cave but also those working on the ground near the trench. Ensuring the stability of the trench in its entirety is therefore important in order to ensure the safety of the workers and prevent any business downtime. This is where construction trench boxes come in.

Construction trench boxes are structures made of steel or aluminum and are used to provide stability to a trench. Trench boxes are also referred to as trench shields. The different materials used to manufacture trench boxes present different benefits. For example, aluminum trench boxes provide the same level of stability as steel trench boxes but weigh significantly less.

Benefits Of Construction Trench Boxes

Enhances The Safety Of Workers

Despite all the safety precautions that your company may try to establish, trench work still remains a major safety hazard. Properly fitted trench boxes provide an additional protective layer to workers and significantly reduce the chances of mishaps while underground.

Helps Businesses Save Time

Even when there are no deaths or injuries, a trench cave-in can seriously hurt a business. The project becomes temporarily stalled leading to delays and additional costs. Trench boxes help construction businesses continue with their projects uninterrupted.

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